Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Little One Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Katie and her daughter Squiggle over at Living life our way, to do "The little one tag. I chose my daughter Sophie to take part with me. Here are her answers...

What is the best thing about being 5?
I can play all day with my mum and dad

What makes you laugh?
when my mummy does funny things, and says silly things

Who do you love and Why?
Jaxon (baby bro) and you mummy. Jaxon is so cute and you are so crazy.

Whats your favourite book?
I don't know what its called but its the one where the crocodile gets mad at the chick, the one with the hole in it.

Favourite Food?
Sausage chips and beans and ketchup

Favourite Song?
Let It go

Favourite Outfit?
My elsa dress

Favourite Tv Programme?
Operation Ouch

Favourite Toy?
3d pens

Favourite thing to do?
Play with my toys.

Now I tag....
Vicky at
jen at
Katie at

Look forward to reading all your responses.
Mrs Hx

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