Saturday, 7 January 2017

What weekends were made for

This weekend we have no set plans. Just pure family time. Priceless. So far the kids have been swimming with their dad whilst I caught up with college work and some chores and other then that we have just chilled out! Tonight has been an old school Saturday night with a yummy dinner and Saturday night telly. We love ITVs Ninja Warrior in our house so we all sat down to watch that together and then the new series of The voice started!
Tomorrow I think I'll take the kids to the local park and take a power walk with them around the fields to get some exercise in and hopefully boost my weightloss this week. My goal is to be able to run around that park one day! I'm gonna cook  a yummy Sunday dinner and play with the kids Christmas toys all afternoon.

Weekends were made for family! How have you spent yours?

Mrs H x

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