Friday, 13 January 2017

Im turning in to my mother

Its true what they say you know, as you get older you morph in to your mother. The moment i had my first child was the moment it started to happen! You see, my mother is an absolute panic ridden sweetheart. She worrys about everything and so now unintentionally so do I! Its irrational sometimes but it cant be helped. That aside there are things that I say everyday that is like my Mum is talking. Here are some examples....

  • Take that coat off or you wont feel the benefits outside.
  • If I come in there and find it there will be trouble! (That was a favourite of my Mums, trouble never ever followed, even though she always came in and found it)
  • I may aswell be talking to a brick wall!
  • Who is "she" the cats mother??
  • If the wind changes you'll stay like that.
  • Dont pick your nose your brain will fall put!
  • Sometimes I really wonder about you.
  • Were you born in a barn?? Shut the door!
  • Practise makes perfect.
  • If at first you dont succeed try try again.
  • Money doesnt grow on trees.
  • Dont make me come up there!
Its crazy because some of these I really hated (especially, the sometimes I really wonder one) and yet they still flow out of my mouth, like some inevitable family trait. It happens to us all!!

So because this post is all about mums......heres a pic of me and mine ☺

Mrs H x

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