Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Little One Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Katie and her daughter Squiggle over at Living life our way, to do "The little one tag. I chose my daughter Sophie to take part with me. Here are her answers...

What is the best thing about being 5?
I can play all day with my mum and dad

What makes you laugh?
when my mummy does funny things, and says silly things

Who do you love and Why?
Jaxon (baby bro) and you mummy. Jaxon is so cute and you are so crazy.

Whats your favourite book?
I don't know what its called but its the one where the crocodile gets mad at the chick, the one with the hole in it.

Favourite Food?
Sausage chips and beans and ketchup

Favourite Song?
Let It go

Favourite Outfit?
My elsa dress

Favourite Tv Programme?
Operation Ouch

Favourite Toy?
3d pens

Favourite thing to do?
Play with my toys.

Now I tag....
Vicky at
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Look forward to reading all your responses.
Mrs Hx

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Disney on ice

My 2 older children and I received disney on ice tickets as a christmas present from my friend. We went to the 02 arena on 29th December to see Frozen on Ice and it was amazing!!
We decided to travel to the 02 by car as I thought it would be too late for the children to come home by tubes and trains. The journey from Carshalton to London City was smooth and surprisingly quick and we paid for the luxury of parking in the arenas car park. 30 quid was a bit much I thought!
The kids (and mummy) were SO excited!!

Because the journey had taken a lot less time than anticipated we managed to squeeze in a "cheeky Nandos" before the show!

It was time to head up to arena, but not before mummy got ripped off for a flashing snowflake wand and mini sven teddy! The kids had been given spending money from their wonderful Nanny and so they bought sweeties and a drink for the show!

When we got in, I could not believe what amazing seats we had!! So close, we could see the whole rink and more!

 The show was set in to 2 halves, and not only did they have the whole cast of frozen, but we were also treated to a performance or 2 with loads of our other Disney favourites such as Buzz and woody, all the princesses and Mr and Mrs Disney themselves Mickie and Minnie!! I wont lie and say I didn't squeal more than my 5 year old daughter! The skaters were amazing, not one single slip up. The effects were wonderful, especially Elsas Frozen magic. The build up to the infamous "Let it go" song was like a spring being compressed and when it went off was just magical. The whole arena was singing and you could literally see the Disney magic glowing in every persons eyes at that moment. As soon as we came out my children were already asking what we were going to see next! A massive thumbs up!!!!

Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is a taboo subject, some people suffer with anxiety horrifcly to the point of  panic attacks and taking medication for it. Some, like me can deal with it on their own. Now I am in no way saying that everyone should deal with it themselves, as for some it just isnt an option. For me, someone who doesnt suffer with a disorder, just a ridiculously panicky brain, a trait passed on from my worrier of a mother, I have found a way of calming my nerves and irrational thoughts. (Believe me they get pretty irrational)
For example, if my children are due home at 3.30 and they arent here on the dot, I am paceing the hallway thinking that something unspeakable must have happened. I worry if I am on a long journey without them that something is going to happen to me and they will be left without a mother. If we go somewhere new, I am more than likely panicking inside that they will get lost or there is a child snatcher about (todays society really doesnt help)
I know that part of this hysteria is just mum worry, being a mother, but I also know that for the most part, I really am irrational! I shouldnt pace one room to the other and my heart shouldnt be racing until those babies of mine walk back through that door. At one point i would be nervous for absolutely everything, school meetings, gp appointments, people just popping in for a cuppa. I knew it just wasnt usual to feel this nervous and so I decided to change. I learned some breathing techniques and changed my way of thinking. This is easier said than done for some I know, but for me it really works. Now if i start to feel anxious I close my eyes amd take slow deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. I picture a blank canvas. This usually calms me down and then I can reason with myself. "You are being irrational, relax!!" "Think of all the people who go through this very situarion unphased, relax!!"

I am so lucky that I have been able to help myself. My main focus in life is my children and I never ever want them to feel that illogical panic. They are my absolute inspiration, I want to explore with them freely, take them to new places, seize oppurtunities and travel.

I am a mum. I can be whatever I want to be.

Mrs Hx

Monday, 23 January 2017

Living arrows 4/52

This weeks Living Arrows. We've got out and about in the past week and done some new exploring. Jaxon is now getting his confidence when walking with shoes on outside so even though it is ridiculously cold right now, we wrapped up warm and took to the park. He donned his reigns and had a lovely winter walk, chasing pigeons and trekking across the muddy grass, he loved it! We also tried a new café/soft play which had Jaxon in his absolute element. He ran himself ragged until lunchtime where we sat and had a sandwich and then went home and he had a lovely long nap! Bliss! Definitely on the cards again for this week!
I am loving this new independence my baby has where we can actually go out and do things together, rather than him just being in the pram, he can actually get out and have fun. I know he's loving it too, just look at that little face!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows

Luxury Camping

We've bought our tent! This is the one we have gone for from Decathlon.
It is a 5 man, 2 bedroom, plus living area tent.....and it is a LOT bigger in person! I can stand, with space above my head and I am 5"7. To make my first camp with children enjoyable, I plan to bring what some may see as Luxury items. We have booked an electric pitch which is amazing. I plan to bring a portable table and chairs for the lounge/outside area, and a mini fridge with kettle so that I can sit and have my beloved morning cuppa in comfort. None of this build a fire malarkey. Having electric also means that the kids can bring their tablets for night time use and I can bring my laptop which can double up as a radio and tv! I'm bringing a small portaloo for the kids so no night time toilet trips in the dark/cold and lots of home comforts like our duvets, pillows and the kids favourite teddy. Some people might say this isn't "real camping" but I just think that if we are cold or uncomfortable we really wont enjoy ourselves. Being on the Isle of Wight means there are endless things to do and explore so when we are back at base of an evening, we really want to be warm and cozy.

Mrs H x

Friday, 20 January 2017

Planning a camping holiday with young children.

I'm currently planning our first family camping trip. We're going in the summer for 4 nights. I will have my 3 children in tow who, at the time of travel, will be 9, 6 and 21 months old. I use to camp a lot when I was young with my family growing up and then with the scouts, but I haven't been since I was about 16. So about 13 years ago now, and it looks like camping has changed a bit since then. Not the non electric, camp fire set up I remember. Of course you can choose this style of camping if you wish but I for one need some home comforts!! Weve gone for a large, electric hook up pitch.
I'm listing all the things that I think we may need, to make it comfortable and enjoyable for both adults and children. This is the tent I'm thinking of getting from Argos. It is the Trespass 6 man Tunnel Tent.

What's drawing me to this model is the fact that there are 2 bedrooms, but once in and zipped up, you can unzip the divide so that you can see straight through to the next room. (brilliant when you have children I think!)
Other essentials I need to look into are:
  • Warm sleeping bags - it will still get chilly of an evening, it is the UK afterall.
  • High Quality air beds - ones that will stay inflated and not have us laying on hard ground in the morning!
  • Pop up Table.
  • Comfy camping chairs.
  • A good torch.
Lastly, a bit of a treat for mummy, these Joules Wellibobs. I've wanted these for 3 years and now seems the perfect excuse!!
Mrs H x

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Living Arrows 3/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

I am really trying hard to get the children to love to read. We have found the perfect comfy spot in our house to share stories. Here is Tyler getting in to his chosen school book about spiders.

Here is Jaxon enjoying mummy cuddles in our new found comfy spot.

Living Arrows

Monday, 16 January 2017

10 Reasons why I'm #RockingMotherhood

I've been tagged to do the 10 reasons why I'm #RockingMotherhood tag by The Amphletts.
I have 3 wonderful children who are my absolute world. Tyler my first son who is 8, sophie (or Tallulah as she's known at home) who is 5, and then my baby Jaxon who is 1. Its a handful some may say but I absolutely dote on them all!

  1. I have a very strong "mamas instinct". If I feel in my gut that something is right or wrong for my children I will stick to it and 9 times out of 10 I am right.
  2. I am fiercely protective. Some people may say this is a bad trait but they are my cubs and I am like a Lioness when it comes to them.
  3. At the moment I am limiting Ipad time to weekends only, I feel that as a mother I need to guide and show my children that they cant always have what they want and end up "spoiled". So far it is working, and they appreciate things so much.
  4. We read together. As a child I didn't do a lot of reading. I remember just reading what I had to read rather than reading for fun. We read the children's school books every night but then also read something together from their own book collection too. I love it that Jaxon loves to sit and be read to already and I really enjoy it too.
  5. Its hard as a blogger/social networker to put your phone down, but I'm really trying to put my phone on the side after school and not pick it up again until evening. I just feel so much more connected to the kids if I am mobile free and they have my undivided attention. By undivided I mean shared 3 ways, half way between the front room and the kitchen cooking, and undoubtedly changing a nappy!
  6. I sacrifice and give selflessly. My children are my main priority in life, I budget so they can have their after school activities and I go without so that they can have extra.
  7. In an ideal world, I would live in the countryside but at the moment I am on the outskirts of G.London in Surrey. I love to be outdoors in the fresh air and love to go on mini adventures with the kids so we do a lot of walks through parks and nature trails. Now that Jaxon is a bit older I cant wait until spring/summer so that we can do these things again!
  8. I try not to shout. Sometimes as a mum things can get really hectic. Like today, I had an overtired screaming 1 year old and a 5 year old that had crashed heads with another child at a party and my oldest son wanted a drink. I only have 1 pair of hands and cant do it all. Sometimes it helps to just take a breath and count to 5. Children get no benefit from being shouted at so I really try to always remain calm. (on the outside anyway!)
  9. Lead by example......I'm a massive believer in children being a product of their environment so I try to speak nicely, always use manners and show them how to be kind and gentle to everyone and everything.
  10. Last but not least, I'm trying! I'm trying my hardest to raise these mini humans in to wonderful polite, kind and clever adults.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Chessington Safari Hotel

Currently Saturday lunchtime and I am still sat in my pjs. Its freezing and grey outside and I am full of a sinus cold and I think conjunctivitis, which I am ever so grateful to my 1 year old son for!
Anyway, my morning has been made so much better by booking an overnight stay at the Chessington World of Adventures resort, Safari Hotel. Its been booked on my birthday weekend and I just know it is going to be fun filled for all the family.
We have booked for the entrance to the park/zoo on the Saturday and Sunday with the overnight stay and access to all the facilities. I have to say, I think I may be just as excited as the kids!!
Roll on my birthday!!

Mrs H x

Here is a pic from last time we were at Chessington.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Im turning in to my mother

Its true what they say you know, as you get older you morph in to your mother. The moment i had my first child was the moment it started to happen! You see, my mother is an absolute panic ridden sweetheart. She worrys about everything and so now unintentionally so do I! Its irrational sometimes but it cant be helped. That aside there are things that I say everyday that is like my Mum is talking. Here are some examples....

  • Take that coat off or you wont feel the benefits outside.
  • If I come in there and find it there will be trouble! (That was a favourite of my Mums, trouble never ever followed, even though she always came in and found it)
  • I may aswell be talking to a brick wall!
  • Who is "she" the cats mother??
  • If the wind changes you'll stay like that.
  • Dont pick your nose your brain will fall put!
  • Sometimes I really wonder about you.
  • Were you born in a barn?? Shut the door!
  • Practise makes perfect.
  • If at first you dont succeed try try again.
  • Money doesnt grow on trees.
  • Dont make me come up there!
Its crazy because some of these I really hated (especially, the sometimes I really wonder one) and yet they still flow out of my mouth, like some inevitable family trait. It happens to us all!!

So because this post is all about mums......heres a pic of me and mine ☺

Mrs H x

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Living Arrows

So as you may or may not know, I'm new to blogging. I saw this on a favourite blog of mine by Kerry Conway and thought I would join in.

Living Arrows is from Donna's blog and she says that it "is about celebrating childhood. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every week we share a moment and invite others to do the same as part of this linky".

I think it is a fab idea and will be something nice to look back on at the end of the year. Each  week I will post a picture that I think "celebrates childhood". It may be just one of my children or it may be all 3 of them. Some weeks might be more than one picture. It all depends what we get up to and what I capture. I look forward to sharing our moments with you all and invite you all to play along too.
As I am the second week in I will post 2 pictures here.....

Jaxons first try of his reigns. 

Childhood is exploring! Look at that frost!

Enjoy your week.
Mrs H x

Living Arrows

Monday, 9 January 2017

First weigh in at Slimming World

Tonight was my first weigh in at Slimming World. I was so nervous but I knew I'd been good and was definitely going to get a loss of some sort. I lost 4lbs which isn't bad going at all! I will admit I wanted a bit more than that but its better than nothing at all. Its a start. Have you seen what 1 lb of fat looks like!?

How gross is that! I've lost 4 of those in a week!
Roll on next week, I want to do the same again!!

Mrs H x

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Slimming world week 1 food plan

First week on the Slimming world plan. Here's how its gone for me, still trying to get to grips with it all but I'm fairly happy with my progress so far. Ill update on Monday with my weight from weigh in. I'm hoping for a big loss being first week.

Breakfast-Banana Weetabix x2 with skimmed milk as HEA. An Apple.
Lunch- 2 slices of wholemeal bread as HEB with flora light (1syn) and ham. A banana.
Dinner - Syn free Spag bowl but with rice instead as that's what I fancied.
Ended the day on 7.5 syns.

Breakfast- 2 plain Weetabix and sliced banana with skimmed milk as HEA and HEB.
Lunch-Mushroom and ham omelette. Fat free natural yogurt and a tsp of hiney for 1syn.
Dinner- sweet chicken curry with some diced carrot,tinned tomatoes, curry powder and spices and rice.
I also had an options hot chocolate and an alpen light bar ending the dat on 12.5 syns.

Breakfast-2 wholemeal toast with flora light and honey for 2 syns and my Heb. An apple.
Lunch- mug shot cheese pasta 2 syns. A banana.
Dinner - slimming world fry up with bacon scrambled egg,beans, and sw style chips
Cup of tea and an alpen light choc fudge. Ending the day on 7.5 syns.

Thursday (manic day!)
Breakfast-2 Weetabix with a banana and skimmed milk using my HEA and HEB
Lunch - Wholemeal ham sandwich using 6 syns, mullerlight and walkers French fries crisps using 4 syns.
Dinner- Iceland SW ready meal, Singapore noodles and a second mullerlight (oops!)
I also had a special K bar for 4 syns. Ending the day on 14 syns. Felt really hungry all today!

Breakfast-1 slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter for 2 syns and half of my heb.
Lunch- other half of my heb with flora and a slice of ham plus some Chilli prawns and a muller light for 2 syns.
An apple.
Dinner-Slimming world burgers with Mcains chips and coleslaw for 7syns
Alpen bar.

Breakfast: 2Weetabix with milk as my heb and hea with an apple
Lunch: coop fresh soup 5syns slice of wholemeal bread 2.5syns
Dinner: Fajitas 6syns
Aplen bar

Breakfast: 2 weetabix with milk as ny HEA and HEB
An apple
Lunch: carrot sticks and a mushroom omellette
Dinner: syn free pasta with 2 melba toasts with light soread cheese for 2 syns
Cup of tea with 2 kinder bars at 3.5 syns each

On the days that I haven't posted a HEA, which is most days lol, its not because I haven't used it, its because Ive used it on skimmed milk. I drink tea all day everyday! haha. no sugar though so its all good!

Wish me luck at weigh in tomorrow!!

Mrs Hx

Saturday, 7 January 2017

2017 bucketlist

I don't think we will afford an abroad holiday this year. We already have a camping trip booked and maybe we will squeeze in another short caravan holiday somewhere, but apart from this it will be days out for us instead over this year. Places I would really like to visit are
  • Richmond park to see the deer.
  • Chessington World of Adventures, the older kids love it there!
  • London Museums.
  • Bournemouth Beach.
  • West Wittering Beach.
  • To take the kids to see another show of some sort as they loved Disney on Ice at the 02 arena.
  • Longleat zoo.
  • Hyde Park.
  • Battersea Park.
  • Box Hill Nature trail.
These are just a few I can think of. As you can tell I love to be outdoors with my children and we all love a nature trail! so much fun to be had and I cant wait for some warmer days.

Mrs H x

This was us last year at our local ecology centre on rold dahls BFG dreamjar hunt!

What weekends were made for

This weekend we have no set plans. Just pure family time. Priceless. So far the kids have been swimming with their dad whilst I caught up with college work and some chores and other then that we have just chilled out! Tonight has been an old school Saturday night with a yummy dinner and Saturday night telly. We love ITVs Ninja Warrior in our house so we all sat down to watch that together and then the new series of The voice started!
Tomorrow I think I'll take the kids to the local park and take a power walk with them around the fields to get some exercise in and hopefully boost my weightloss this week. My goal is to be able to run around that park one day! I'm gonna cook  a yummy Sunday dinner and play with the kids Christmas toys all afternoon.

Weekends were made for family! How have you spent yours?

Mrs H x

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Argos Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll review

This year for Christmas, Santa bought my daughter the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures doll from Argos. It has been her favourite present this year.She got the boy version and has named him Charlie.

As the advert states he smells just like a newborn, like a baby powder type smell, and is also heavier than a regular doll. His trunk is soft and weighted while the limbs are made of  Pvc and are soft and look just like a newborns. (although the toes are a bit strange!) When you lift him his arms and legs flop just like a real baby. When you lay him flat his eyes close, and then re open when he is sat up. Under that hat is a head full of soft hair! He comes with a birth certificate and hospital tag around his wrist which my daughter loved. She also loved the packaging he came in so much that she has kept it to use as a car seat, as it has a harness clip and straps in it!
Argos sell this and the girl version (which my daughter wants next!) for £39.99 and a range of accessories to go with it.

Overall my daughter gives this a 10/10 even with the strange toes, so I'm one happy mummy!

Picture from
I bought this doll myself and all comments are my own.