Sunday, 8 January 2017

Slimming world week 1 food plan

First week on the Slimming world plan. Here's how its gone for me, still trying to get to grips with it all but I'm fairly happy with my progress so far. Ill update on Monday with my weight from weigh in. I'm hoping for a big loss being first week.

Breakfast-Banana Weetabix x2 with skimmed milk as HEA. An Apple.
Lunch- 2 slices of wholemeal bread as HEB with flora light (1syn) and ham. A banana.
Dinner - Syn free Spag bowl but with rice instead as that's what I fancied.
Ended the day on 7.5 syns.

Breakfast- 2 plain Weetabix and sliced banana with skimmed milk as HEA and HEB.
Lunch-Mushroom and ham omelette. Fat free natural yogurt and a tsp of hiney for 1syn.
Dinner- sweet chicken curry with some diced carrot,tinned tomatoes, curry powder and spices and rice.
I also had an options hot chocolate and an alpen light bar ending the dat on 12.5 syns.

Breakfast-2 wholemeal toast with flora light and honey for 2 syns and my Heb. An apple.
Lunch- mug shot cheese pasta 2 syns. A banana.
Dinner - slimming world fry up with bacon scrambled egg,beans, and sw style chips
Cup of tea and an alpen light choc fudge. Ending the day on 7.5 syns.

Thursday (manic day!)
Breakfast-2 Weetabix with a banana and skimmed milk using my HEA and HEB
Lunch - Wholemeal ham sandwich using 6 syns, mullerlight and walkers French fries crisps using 4 syns.
Dinner- Iceland SW ready meal, Singapore noodles and a second mullerlight (oops!)
I also had a special K bar for 4 syns. Ending the day on 14 syns. Felt really hungry all today!

Breakfast-1 slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter for 2 syns and half of my heb.
Lunch- other half of my heb with flora and a slice of ham plus some Chilli prawns and a muller light for 2 syns.
An apple.
Dinner-Slimming world burgers with Mcains chips and coleslaw for 7syns
Alpen bar.

Breakfast: 2Weetabix with milk as my heb and hea with an apple
Lunch: coop fresh soup 5syns slice of wholemeal bread 2.5syns
Dinner: Fajitas 6syns
Aplen bar

Breakfast: 2 weetabix with milk as ny HEA and HEB
An apple
Lunch: carrot sticks and a mushroom omellette
Dinner: syn free pasta with 2 melba toasts with light soread cheese for 2 syns
Cup of tea with 2 kinder bars at 3.5 syns each

On the days that I haven't posted a HEA, which is most days lol, its not because I haven't used it, its because Ive used it on skimmed milk. I drink tea all day everyday! haha. no sugar though so its all good!

Wish me luck at weigh in tomorrow!!

Mrs Hx

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