Monday, 23 January 2017

Luxury Camping

We've bought our tent! This is the one we have gone for from Decathlon.
It is a 5 man, 2 bedroom, plus living area tent.....and it is a LOT bigger in person! I can stand, with space above my head and I am 5"7. To make my first camp with children enjoyable, I plan to bring what some may see as Luxury items. We have booked an electric pitch which is amazing. I plan to bring a portable table and chairs for the lounge/outside area, and a mini fridge with kettle so that I can sit and have my beloved morning cuppa in comfort. None of this build a fire malarkey. Having electric also means that the kids can bring their tablets for night time use and I can bring my laptop which can double up as a radio and tv! I'm bringing a small portaloo for the kids so no night time toilet trips in the dark/cold and lots of home comforts like our duvets, pillows and the kids favourite teddy. Some people might say this isn't "real camping" but I just think that if we are cold or uncomfortable we really wont enjoy ourselves. Being on the Isle of Wight means there are endless things to do and explore so when we are back at base of an evening, we really want to be warm and cozy.

Mrs H x

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