Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Disney on ice

My 2 older children and I received disney on ice tickets as a christmas present from my friend. We went to the 02 arena on 29th December to see Frozen on Ice and it was amazing!!
We decided to travel to the 02 by car as I thought it would be too late for the children to come home by tubes and trains. The journey from Carshalton to London City was smooth and surprisingly quick and we paid for the luxury of parking in the arenas car park. 30 quid was a bit much I thought!
The kids (and mummy) were SO excited!!

Because the journey had taken a lot less time than anticipated we managed to squeeze in a "cheeky Nandos" before the show!

It was time to head up to arena, but not before mummy got ripped off for a flashing snowflake wand and mini sven teddy! The kids had been given spending money from their wonderful Nanny and so they bought sweeties and a drink for the show!

When we got in, I could not believe what amazing seats we had!! So close, we could see the whole rink and more!

 The show was set in to 2 halves, and not only did they have the whole cast of frozen, but we were also treated to a performance or 2 with loads of our other Disney favourites such as Buzz and woody, all the princesses and Mr and Mrs Disney themselves Mickie and Minnie!! I wont lie and say I didn't squeal more than my 5 year old daughter! The skaters were amazing, not one single slip up. The effects were wonderful, especially Elsas Frozen magic. The build up to the infamous "Let it go" song was like a spring being compressed and when it went off was just magical. The whole arena was singing and you could literally see the Disney magic glowing in every persons eyes at that moment. As soon as we came out my children were already asking what we were going to see next! A massive thumbs up!!!!

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