Friday, 17 March 2017

Coffee Shop Mums

What is it about coffee shops and mums with babies and young children? You know the type, a new mum with her hair pinned back, jeans and converse on and a teeny tiny newborn sleeping in the pram next to her. Or the mums that meet up there and have toddlers or multiples in tow sharing croissants, ellas kitchen snacks and babychinos. Any coffee shop you go to you will find these Mums. I know, because I am one! A "coffee shop mum". Costa is my local haunt, but I'm not afraid to stray. From the moment I had my first son I became one of these women. I remember (8 years ago now) I would time his second feed with the time I would get to the local Starbucks. For one, I had found a new love for coffee, and lets be honest, every mum needs her caffeine fix, but for two, it made me feel slightly normal again. In the whirlwind that is early motherhood, a trip to the coffee shop in the morning really helps when you are on your own with no adult conversation for long periods of time! Its nice to get out of the house for a start, and honestly baby groups once or twice a week is more than enough! I could have shares in almond croissants and Costa coffee now and 3 kids down the line I am as much of a coffee shop mum as I was then!

Whos with me? Lets cheers our Lattes, and clink our mochas to the "coffee shop mums!" HAng in there ladies.

Mrs Hx

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