Thursday, 2 March 2017

We're going to Disneyworld!!

It's every girls dream to go to Disneyworld Florida right? Its definitely mine! Not only is it my dream but it has also been my dream to take my children since I had my first son Tyler 8 years ago! I am very lucky in the fact that my parents are paying for us to go, so I just need to conjure up spending money. I am saving every penny that I can and selling lots on ebay, which is all going in to the "Disney Fund".
We aren't booking until April this year, which will give us a year in advance before we go. We haven't decided on exactly which route we want to go down yet with regards to hotels/villas etc. I am going to make some trips to the travel agents this week and get lots of brochures to look at for inspiration, and of course I will be trawling the net for ideas.
I plan to use this blog to document my ideas and shopping lists! There is so much I want to buy for the kids, Disney outfits, Disney backpacks and the Disney vans for us all! Top of the list though is passports! All of us need new ones so that's the first big expense. I have all the forms ready and waiting :)

Here is a throwback to Florida 1994, me on the left and my little sister on the right.

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