Friday, 7 April 2017

What is happening to Carshalton Ponds?

For a while now, I have noticed the water level in our beloved local ponds getting lower. I kept thinking to myself it couldn't have been from rain levels. I mean I know we are having a lovely spring so far but a drought, in April, is just unheard of!
This week my 3 children and I ventured in to Carshalton as we do weekly to burn off some energy in Grove park and feed the ducks and squirrels. As we got to the river, we noticed that the water was down by at least 2 foot. The birds were literally walking through sludge. Smaller ones able to float, just about, but the geese were just wading in the mud. It was hard to watch I have to admit. So we took a walk up to the main pond, which may as well be called Carshalton Puddle at this moment in time. It was empty! Apart from the small amount of water in the centre, it was completely drained. Birds that should be nesting were without their home, some sat on concrete ledges and a lot of them huddled together on the Wilderness Island.
I cant believe the state that the pond is in at the moment and it is so sad to see the wildlife suffering like this in their natural surroundings. I for one, hope this gets fixed as soon as it possibly can be. Those ponds are the heart of Carshalton, one of the few things left around here that holds the village's heritage and history.

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