Monday, 1 May 2017

20 Facts about me Tag

I was tagged by Beth from a blonde and a baby to do the 20 facts about me tag, so here goes!

  1. I am 29 years old.
  2. I am 5 ft 6 and a half!
  3. I have size 7 feet. (i know!)
  4. I am a mother of 3.
  5. I support Chelsea.
  6. I am secretly a good singer but I get very stage fright.
  7. I am half Irish.
  8. I have a ridiculously sweet tooth.
  9. I went back to college last year to study teaching.
  10. I'm petrified of clowns.
  11. I sleep walk and talk.
  12. I believe in guardian angels.
  13. I used to be petrified of dogs until I got my own!
  14. Its a dream of mine to be able to take my children to different countries as they grow up.
  15. I am addicted to Tea and chocolate.
  16. I am a disney fanatic.
  17. I panic about every little thing. (i'm trying to stop this!)
  18. I take photo's everyday!
  19. I wear glasses to read and watch tv.
  20. I love Eastenders.

I tag Rachel at and Anna at 
Look forward to reading your 20 facts ladies.

Mrs Hx

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