Thursday, 27 April 2017

No evidence of Mummy.

How is it that as parents we have hundreds of photographs of our children and hardly any that include us mums? I take photographs daily,on my phone, so you can imagine how many photographs I have in total. Even if i took only one photo day, thats 365 pictures in the year. Thats without days out and special occasions where we all get snap happy! Of course these snaps are our precious memories caught on paper. There forever for us to look back on, and how amazing is it that we have the technology to take these photos and share with the world at the click of a button! What I dont have is pictures of me, as a mother, plenty of selfies, but not in my natural role. Why is it that us Mums are always in the background? We are like the foundations of a building, holding it all together but not seen. I'm making it my challenge to have more photos taken with me in. Of course I am usually always the one taking them, but I dont want my children to grow up and not have their childhood captured with me in it! So what my hair needs a wash, so what I'm carrying all that extra weight, so what I'm not wearing any make up. The next time we have a family day out I will ask that person behind me to take a family photo, and the next time someone takes a natural shot of me I wont ask for it to be deleted because of my make up free face. From here on I am going to embrace the camera and capture even more memories of my children AND their mummy.

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