Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dieting for a fussy eater!

I have been dieting now since the start of January, and so far I've lost a stone. (yay go me!) I go to a slimming world class on a Monday eve and mostly follow this plan. However, I am fussy. Not ridiculously fussy with meals but when it comes to snacking I'm not a lover of fruit so sometimes I'm not 100% on the SW plan. I have swapped a fair few things in my diet that have definitely helped me so far though. These being:
  • Instead of having a chocolate or biscuits with my evening Tea I will have one of these NAKD bars. My favourites being cashew cookie, and the bakewell tart that is A-MAZING!
  • In the late morning between breakfast and lunch I have swapped biscuits or sugary cereal bars for a banana with a cuppa. (try it! it surprisingly tides you over!)
  • I have a massive sweet tooth and have found a new love for dried fruit and nuts. A small bag like this from sainsburys is much better than a chocolate bar or a few biscuits.
  • I'm trying to not drink fizzy drinks but when I do I have Sugar Free versions.
  • Swapped my 2 sugars in a cup of tea to sweetner tablets.
  • Limiting bread to once a day.
All of these are just little changes but added together they are definitely making a difference. That alongside slimming world and I have lost a stone since start on January, which isn't bad going right?
I'm learning that everything can be enjoyed in moderation, and just because you may "fall off the diet wagon" with a cheat meal or treat, it doesn't mean you have to stay off. Enjoy the treat, and jump straight back on that wagon. Everything in moderation!

Mrs H x

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