Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Slimming world beginner

So I am biting the bullet and starting at my local Slimming World this coming Monday. I'm excited and very nervous about getting on those scales. I have sat and watched YouTube vloggers talking about their own Slimming world journeys and I really feel that I can do it. I've tried different diets in the past and always end up giving up, but this time something has switched on in my brain and I am determined! I hate pictures being taken of me and I'm missing photographic memories being made with me and my children because of it.  Before I had my first child I was a size 10-12 and now 3 children and a lot of comfort food later I sit at a size 18 and am disgusted with myself. Now is the time to really take charge of my own body and mind and change the way I look and feel about myself. Also I want to be fit and healthy for my children.

I will take all the advice and help I can get so please come with me on my journey to self happiness.

Mrs H x

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