Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Letter to my Children

Tyler, Sophie and Jaxon,

Words can never express the way that Mama loves you. Both individually and as a whole. All 3. You make me the lady that I am today. Through laughter and crazyness to upset and stress. Every single part of you all, and every single moment of the day I Love you.

Tyler, my first born, my introduction to another world that is Motherhood. You sweet sensitive loving soul. One day you will make a wonderful husband (if I approve that is) and a wonderful Father, please god. You have all the gifts that a boy should have, from jumping up and down being a ninja to calmly drawing and reading in the incredibly artistic way that you do.

Sophie, my angel, my only princess. You amaze me. You're enthusiastic about every thing that you do and I love that you are such a "busy little woman". The way you copy your big brother and kickbox with daddy or spend hours bouncing a football in the hallway. To the way you dress up, do my hair and make up and play princesses. What a beautiful mix you are.

Jaxon, my baby boy. Littlest man of the lot. You complete us. Only 5 months old and already see some of your older siblings fabulous characteristics in you. Such a happy boy. Everytime you smile you melt Mama's heart even more so than before. I cannot wait to watch you grow and see you learn.

You are my inspiration, my babies, and nothing will ever come close. I love you all with all that I am and all I will ever be.

To the moon and the stars.

Your Mama.

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