Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Money saving tips

As the New Year approaches, many people will be making their resolutions, and for some this is to save money. For me too! Here are some ways ive found to save those pennies.
  1. Meal Plan - Before you do the food shop, make a list of what you already have in the fridge/freezer and then meal plan accordingly. Believe me this really cuts down on the grocery bill!
  2. Make a list when food shopping and stick to it, don't buy any unnecessary items!
  3. Sell any unused items of clothes or dvds and old toys etc and pop the earnings in your savings account.
  4. Always pay yourself first - any money that you can put in to savings, do it first (after bills of course) rather than last, that way you wont miss it.

I also plan on doing this savings scheme this year for Christmas 2017.

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