Sunday, 31 December 2017

Ways to save money for the new year

As we go in to the new year, lots of us will be thinking about ways to save money and spend less. I for one am looking forward to saving some pennies and reducing some of my outgoings. I have worked out a few different ways of doing this and thought I would share them with you.

  1. Meal Plan! Work out what you want to have for dinner for that week and write it down before shopping.
  2. Shop from a list! 
Doing these two things alone will save you more than you think!! If you stick to your list, and shop wisely, using up anything you may already have at home, you really can cut the price of your grocery shop.

    3. No more Coffee shops! Invest in a nice travel coffee cup like I have. This will save me at least a fiver a week! Mine is from B&M and it is a colour in one. It was a Christmas present, and so fun to do.

  4. Use coupons where possible. In America couponing is big business but in the UK it isn't as huge. I have however found these websites that allow you to print off coupons each month. Any savings a saving right? 

5. Switch companies! So far I have switched my broadband and also cancelled my SKY tv subscription in favour of NOW tv. This is another big saving each month. Shop around, use compare websites and find the best deal for you and your family.

This is just the start for me this year but hopefully these things combined will make me a good saving and I'll be on my way to being debt free!

Mrs H x